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A photographer's view of Odessa, TX

A photographer see the world differently, at least I do, somehow I began to see potential in more unusual places and points of view but what I see becomes lines, shapes, and textures with shadows and highlights added in. Odessa is my home town but I mostly ignored it as a whole opting instead to explore other people's home towns instead or natural areas. There is a draw part of Comanche Trail Park in Odessa I explore often and maybe an area of down town easily reached but it wasn't until I started the daily photo challenge I really focused on my home town. The city parks, businesses and shopping centers, churches, and more await discovery and in time may end up being photographed. To what end and purpose is this project going to lead I can't say but it will and the next challenge will emerge. While images will be in proper order as they are added the thought process expressed may be more chaotic. I started this with 08/30/2022 and as the back log of dates is filled in and new dates kept current each entry be its own unique bit of information.

Note - There are some entries in August 2022 I have to add into to complete the month out.

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July 2022 - [07/25/2022][07/26/2022][07/27/2022][07/28/2022][07/29/2022][07/30/2022]

August 2022 - [08/01/2022][08/02/2022][08/03/2022][08/04/2022][08/05/2022][08/06/2022][08/08/2022][08/09/2022][08/10/2022][08/11/2022][08/12/2022][08/13/2022][08/14/2022][08/15/2022][08/16/2022][08/17/2022][08/18/2022][08/19/2022] - 08/20/2022 thru 08/29/2022 coming soon - [08/30/2022][08/31/2022]

September 2022 - [09/01/2022][09/02/2022][09/03/2022][09/05/2022][09/06/2022][09/07/2022][09/09/2022][09/11/2022][09/12/2022][09/13/2022][09/14/2022][09/15/2022][09/16/2022][09/17/2022][09/18/2022][09/19/2022][09/20/2022][09/22/2022][09/23/2022][09/24/2022][09/26/2022][09/27/2022][09/28/2022][09/30/2022]

October 2022 - [10/01/2022][10/03/2022][10/04/2022][10/05/2022][10/06/2022][10/07/2022][10/10/2022][10/15/2022][10/16/2022][10/17/2022][10/19/2022][10/20/2022][10/21/2022][10/22/2022][10/23/2022][10/24/2022][10/25/2022][10/26/2022][10/29/2022][10/31/2022]

November 2022 - [11/01/2022][11/02/2022][11/03/2022][11/04/2022][11/06/2022][11/08/2022][11/10/2022][11/12/2022][11/14/2022][11/15/2022][11/16/2022][11/17/2022][11/18/2022][11/19/2022][11/21/2022][11/22/2022][11/24/2022][11/27/2022][11/28/2022][11/30/2022]

December 2022 - [12/01/2022][12/05/2022][12/07/2022][12/08/2022][12/09/2022][12/12/2022][12/13/2022][12/16/2022][12/18/2022][12/19/2022][12/21/2022][12/22/2022][12/24/2022][12/26/2022]

January 2023 - [01/04/2023][01/05/2023][01/06/2023][01/10/2023][01/11/2023][01/12/2023][01/15/2023][01/16/2023][01/18/2023][01/19/2023][01/23/2023][01/26/2023]

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