Photography Based

A photograph is a moment in time that is appreciated in that moment of creation once all the processing is done to it. In the eyes of the photographer who took it a deeper meaning is often associated with it as it brings back memories but if others should see that same image hopefully it is appreciated as only they can too. Time moves fast and new opportunities arise to take the next memory and if it is deemed worthy shared but I have vast collection all digitally stored away as 0's and 1's, even if backed up, with a fragile existence at best. When is a photograph forgotten and pushed back too far into the collection? Does a photographer have to share their work if it is taken for themselves? In a world over saturated by imagery what is one more to compete to be seen but if it was worth the time to take the photograph it is worth sharing. My point of view aside this is a work in progress as I pull out the best images to show here and look through the collection.

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Photography galleries

  • Photographs taken in 2021 (January - June)
  • Photographs taken in 2021 (July - December)
  • Photographs taken in 2022 (January - June)
  • Photographs taken in 2022 (July - December)
  • Photographs taken in 2023 (January - June)
  • Photographs taken in 2023 (July - December)
  • Photographs taken in 2024 (January - June)

    Featured Photographs on Main Page

    Closest attempt to an actual portfolio I had but now essentially archived.

    Picture of the Day

    Started out as a link on the main page as the daily photo challenge was begun, history of this in the link. Now an index to sessions taken and shared.

    Projects being worked on

    A photographer's view of ... Odessa, TX and other cities, While the city sleeps, When the city wakes up. On a smaller scale, Arranged items, Close to home, Food Photography, Zen Garden, All things being "equal". Started or paused these house a more organized but vast collection of images.