Behind the scenes workflow

The act of going out and enjoying photography comes first, fit in between what life allows, so I have a backlog of sessions and random finds not yet shared out. Maybe I share too much but it isn't a polished image of my skills I wish to curate; rather, I seem to be more open and just share most of my images. This website already reflects that openness to share so I thought I would add the next layer of my process.

As the site evolved and new projects got added, the manual approach I have taken got complex but still enjoyable to maintain. Each session once processed get parsed into a section ready to share online but offline I keep a few more records in notebooks. The place and date of each session is noted and mapped out, a needed step when it was a daily task. I keep a notebook for changes to the website via filenames and newly added images, also tracked in a spreadsheet to map the new names to the source files. I keep a log of the more detailed edits I do as I procces each image, the reason why is I learn from each image and new techniques may emerge or repetition of what I do helps me retain my processing knowledge.

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Sources of inspiration - make this a link

Random finds and mentions of an obscure or new term get noted and saved. What goes beyond this stage into a notebook entry or a more comprehensive PDF isn't a guarantee of new material.

Sessions taken

It is the small victories of sessions finally shared that keep collecting so many not shared worth it. To see a list of sessions in the raw format follow this link, here. Likely it will not make sense but it is part of my attempts of organizing that backlog.

02/27/2024 - Finished posting - 01/14/2024, 01/17/2024, 01/19/2024, 01/22/2024, 01/28/2024, and 01/31/2024.