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A photographer's view of ...

Odessa, TX was the first city to get a more methodical approach because the daily photo challenge gave me a reason to seek out new places to photograph. The logic started out with obvious locations to the more random I haven't been to being more obscure, maybe even just a revisit and a new image. In short the task produced more images than needed and became a blog of sort and a view of the place being covered. In essence I discovered hometown photography. Odessa, TX was the beginning but surrounding towns are just as valid to explore and revisit with the same intentions.

[... Odessa, TX] Started on 07/25/2022 - Last updated 01/22/2024

[While the city sleeps] Started on 10/28/25/2022 - Last updated 10/26/2023 - 3am sessions and empty roads in Odessa, TX.

[When the city wakes up] Started on 11/18/2023 - Last updated 12/22/2023 - 6am sessions and a mix of morning light and artificial, the traffic is light.

[... Fort Davis, TX] Started on 07/23/2023 - Last updated 07/23/2023

[... Midland, TX] Started on 03/19/2023 - Last updated 08/05/2023

[... Monahans, TX] Started on 08/06/2023 - Last updated 08/06/2023

[... Pecos, TX] Started on 07/23/2023 - Last updated 07/23/2023

... no place in particular ...

Not every image or session will be so linked to a specific place but needs a home to be shared as well.

[On a smaller scale] Started on 12/28/2022 - Last updated 12/03/2023

[Arranged items] Started on 03/11/2023 - Last updated 01/31/2024

[Closer to home] Started on 09/03/2023 - Last updated 01/28/2024

[Food Photography] Started on 09/30/2023 - Last updated 01/08/2024

[Zen Garden] Started on 11/11/2023 - Last updated 11/11/2023

... just playing around.

While I don't exactly plan much of my photography sometimes a game or structured attempted to learn more about photography is a nice change. This is relatively new addition to how I seem to approach the hobby.

[All things being "equal"] Started on 05/31/2023 - Last updated 05/31/2023 - The exposure triangle explored.