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<09/15/2022] 09/16/2022 - Another evening downtown [09/17/2022>

The previous evening was good but after the processing of those images I had some ideas on how to improve the images taken infield to help with my post processing. I found new images to practice on and and still got out to explore.

Somehow it is that first image captured that begins the process proper and allow the next images to come about much easier. Plenty of light for a good capture here.

For some reason the water sprinklers and arrangement of cars caught my eye, shows what a change in light conditions can do.

Over on 2nd & Grant is the historic Boy Scout building and this is part of the area built around the building. It has a green tinge because I used a custom white balance of 3100k in an attempt to bypass auto white balance. Still looks good just slightly different.

One aspect of photography is forgetting to reset something on your camera, it can be helpful in an accidental way or not at all. I left the white balance on 3100k and it looked good enough but with a single long exposure you get light trails, the interestion captured shows this effect.

This image is my second attempt to capture the scene, it worked out much better. I used a 5200k white balance to maintain the brick color and I learned something in both attempts.

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<09/16/2022] 09/17/2022 - 8th & Maple [09/18/2022>

Why 8th & Maple for this days adventure isn't something your asking most likely but I will answer it anyway. I was in the the area in the Walgreen parking lot at this intersection and spotted the PNC Bank across the busy street. The buildings presence and trees caught my eye so I went over there later to explore it.

First part of the building I came to and this pattern caught my eye.

The old Cloth World tower was nicely framed at this point in space. Framing is a key part of good composition.

The color is what really got my attention and with the overall structure and stairs I had to take this image.

This is closer to the sight that caught my eye at Walgreen, at least the building profile.

Walking down 8th along the sidewalk and business fronts I came across this strong subject. It is the back side of the building Trower Realitor is in. Found around Allred / Cresent & 8th.

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<09/17/2022] 09/18/2022 - Exploring around [09/19/2022>

Somehow since this challenge was started anywhere I park is a chance to explore on foot for something like this to capture. In this instance I walked to What-A-Burger on Andrews hwy and before going in wandered on a bt further. I spotted this at The Curb Side Bistro.

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<09/18/2022] 09/19/2022 - Total opposites [09/20/2022>

Today I began out in the strong, bright light at a stop over at the Nissan place and then ended my days journey chasing the last bits of light along a walking trail. Every day is different.

At the Nissan place on Parkway I had some time fill so I explored their parking lot, this unique structure had caught my eye before driving by but here was my chance to capture it.

The sun was almost finished setting but glimpse of light along the trail gave a brief window to create some images. Here I saw the boundary so clearingly shown and in this version I processed the man using the trail was a lucky touch.

The sun was definitely almost set but this small patch of light framed by darker scene was a good shot to try for. The people in the picture help create more interest perhaps.

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<09/19/2022] 09/20/2022 - Pick a road and explore along it. [09/22/2022>

While driving down N. Golder toward 87th this structure caught my eye, a gazebo surrounded by metal buildings. It was to my right and I turned around to investigate.

I believe I was almost to 87th when the cars as part of someones decorations caught my eye enough to pull over and investigate. Worth the stop.

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<09/20/2022] 09/22/2022 - Going down Golder the other direction [09/23/2022>

33rd & Golder - Shack that caught my eye.

13th & Golder - Odessa High School Performing Art Center

13th & Golder - Traffic light and tree.

16th & Lee - Back of an old building

16th & Lee - Another view of Prosperity Bank

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<09/22/2022] 09/23/2022 - UTPB at monolith & UTPB Circle [09/24/2022>

A general overview of charles A Sorber Visual Arts Studios and in the distance the main build I explored later.

The door was open to the arts studies but the gallery wasn't open, but this did catch my eye inside the door.

The main complex is two levels and has this bridge to go up the second level. Underneath view point.

Underneath the second level.

A view from the top looking toward the learning center, I think.

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<09/23/2022] 09/24/2022 - area of 11th & Texas [09/26/2022>

Not quite a street view but I found a good angle to try for an artistic attempt.

Find something of interest and compose around, this old sign frame did that for me.

12th & Texas - This image of the old meat market has a story since I was going to note it and move on but took the shot instead. Some clouds would have been nice but work with what you find.

The church building casting that circular shadow helped create an abstract type of feel and car that was in the back finally moved. Sometimes it is a matter of waiting the elements out before giving up.

West Texas Fest being setup. I had parked at the library and followed the music of the band practicing to find the empty venue. Not sure when the event started but got an early shot at least.

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<09/24/2022] 09/26/2022 - area of 17th & Grant [09/27/2022>

Not too much to say here except that as an image it works so when trying for enough images to pick from it would have worked. The aim in all the images is best possible results as that attempt may be the only image taken.

I found an area with some good buildings to photograph but without some clouds in the sky wouldn't have been balanced at all. Having noted it via picures I moved on and found these steps to capture instead. One of the composition ideas is to fill the frame with your subject, given the scene overall it worked here.

18th & Lee - What had attracted me to check this area out was the stairs and larger building seen from a far; however, the sky was clear and shadows wrong but something else did deserve to be captured. The building is abandoned and falling apart but it is where it is found I liked.

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<09/26/2022] 09/27/2022 - Comanche Trail Park [09/28/2022>

The park is a good place to revisit often but this time I parked at the County Rd parking lot, the reason being I would see a different area as the sunlight was going down. One is always chasing the light as a photographer but the last hours of the days one gets the most drastic changes faster but I realized in this session that I was either going on the trail hoping to find the light or finding where the light was instead. Light helps create an image so perhap we have to see where it takes us and not assume it will conform to what we envision finding instead.

Eye to eye with a more permanent resident of the park.

Along the trail a pocket of light illuminated a section in a new way.

The bulk of the pocket forest blocks the low setting sun but the path alters here and there to capture scenes like this.

Within the pocket forest it stays mostly to dark but here I found a section backlit.

As I mentioned one try to make the available light comform to them or go where the light is and captured what is found.

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