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<09/02/2022] 09/03/2022 - Comanche Trail Park [09/05/2022>

Especially after the rains the natural area of the park is green and overgown so can be hard to navigate at times.

The pocket forest on the left of the draw has a trail running through it but is hidden well on this day.

When you can find that trail it leads to a pipe running along the road, part of a channel runs parallel to it full of water. This is a view while wading through it.

Between the two sides of the park the trail goes under the I-20 bridge. The overcast sky wasn't solid and I found this break on it, the individual walking along helped established scale.

One particular set of clouds caught my eye as I drove back into Odessa I kept an eye to my right until the courthouse came into sight. The composition here isn't what I imagined but worked for what I found when I parked to take the picture.

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<09/03/2022] 09/05/2022 - to 11th & Adams I went [09/06/2022>

8th & Jackson Ave - Lost my orientation as I was heading to a city park to explore from but one turn not planned presented an opportunity I had to explore. This lone tree caught my eye, the Chicken Express gave me a place to park and an image was made.

11th & Adams - A couple of blocks walk away from the park area the side facade of Hope's Sewing as the background against the overgrown lot made for a good scene to capture. It is presented in black and white so the building stands out and not the grass.

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<09/05/2022] 09/06/2022 - Sherwood Park [09/07/2022>

To the left and right of the entrance to the ball park area these baseballs decorate that very entrance. A side view and longer perspective as pictured makes them more interesting. HEB on 42nd also has a row of undecorated concrete spheres similar to these, perhaps a future target one day.

The park area is quite sizeable and I have walked and taken some pictures here before, somehow those images once taken stay that way and it is new compositions I went for. This one is definitely a new composition and something about the fence I hadn't seen before.

The skate park, Ruben Pier Memorial Skate Park, wasn't full of activity yet but the ramps and other toys for more adventurous types was a subject for a picture at least.

Was this a picture for a pictures sake? Yes and no as the blue field strip between frames worked well with the shadows of the frame in the front. The clouds and tree line isn't bad either. The rusted out fence support and the view is my favorite of this set so I'm biased.

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<09/06/2022] 09/07/2022 - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church [09/09/2022>

The Prayer Garden - Walking the garden you are also walking the stations of the cross and with the areas to sit the garden is a peaceful place.

See the description for the next image.

Some interior views of the church.

Outside of the church you will find this statue. When I headed out to take photos out there I didn't realize that there was a community pavilion and a walking and running trail as well.

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<09/07/2022] 09/09/2022 - Odessa College [09/11/2022>

This is one of the areas of Odessa I haven't explored in a while, for that matter had an excuse to go over there. The other major area I still have in reserve is UTPB but the Odessa College campus covers more area than I took pictures of today.

The Globe Theater - A partial view anyway as the gates are kept locked.

Between Wood Building and Saulbury Campus Center 1 of 3.

Between Wood Building and Saulbury Campus Center 2 of 3.

Between Wood Building and Saulbury Campus Center 3 of 3.

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<09/09/2022] 09/11/2022 - Billy Hext Rd & TX-191 Frontage [09/12/2022>

The main shopping center is called Parks Legado Town Center and is across from hotels, but I also ventured futher down to Dominion Plaza where Faundry Rd crosses 191 too. A plaza appearently is just an open space in a built up area and Domimion Plaza fits the bill, very simply still worth the look.

At First Basin Community Center this scuplture caught my eye as I initally drove by. This is the first image I captured of it.

Another point of view of the sculpture in the previous image.

In the Parks Legado between a restaurant and space being revamped is the area with a fountain. I found a good angle to capture it and the birds flying in and out to it helped with the rest.

Dominion Plaza was that photogenic but wondering into the ditch I found this view between roadways.

Heading back I stopped at the Crossroads church on the otherside of Parks Legado.

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<09/11/2022] 09-12-2022 - Along I-20 [09/13/2022>

Open and industrial in nature the area on the side roads along I-20 may seem less than ideal but images can be found.

S. Pagewood Ave & I-20 service road - Aptly named Rectangle Plaza.

Nothing to photograph? Consider this empty lot next to the Rectangle Plaza with a bill board advertising the lot being available, as a framing elment and looking toward I-20 you get this image.

When looking for a scene these powerlines between motels have caught my eye before, seen from behind on a road off of S. Pagewood Ave it mostly works.

Driving around at Reed Ave & Pearl St an abandoned and large building caugh my eye.

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<09/12/2022] 09/13/2022 - Here and there [09/14/2022>

Being this is a documentation process of Odessa, TX I couldn't exactly show an image from the edge of Midland County. The Calvary Cross was built along Hwy 191 between Odessa and Midland but this was my first time seeing it. This image can be found in the Daily Photograph gallery but a direct link is here.

Coming back into Odessa I stopped by the Market Place to sight see and found a new view of the tree between buildings.

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<09/13/2022] 09/14/2022 - After a sunset [09/15/2022>

Just around home base going along Andrews Hwy going to What-A-Burger I saw this scene, the dark clouds and light breaking through in the opposite direction made this scene work.

Before sitting down to eat I took this image, what other customers was thinking I couldn't say but a picture is possible anywhere.

As close to flat and clear horizon I've found so far in Odessa is at W 3rd & N Knox, the oil field is still visible a little but while standing in a light rain I saw a sunset.

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<09/14/2022] 09/15/2022 - Evening downtown [09/16/2022>

Existing light photography isn't my strongest skill set but it takes practice to get better, so on occasion I do try for images to practice on. Downtown Odessa in the hours between sunset and people moving about is a good time to go see what I can find.

The Ector Theater is an historic building and well lit up, in the light levels still present this shot was possible. The interesting part was dealing with the people going by captured in not one but two images I combined. It was good practice and if you don't look to close works.

Torchy lives up to its name as it was a very bright light source, somehow I got an image to use from my bracketed set and the people are visible. This one was an interesting post-processing combination but worked, part of the reason why every image processed has lessons to be learned from.

The things noticed in the dark are not always what we see in the daylight, like these wire figures. The concrete median between the lanes gave me a safe place to capture this image from.

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