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<09/27/2022] 09/28/2022 - Follow the draw [09/30/2022>

Comanche Trail Park is on part of the Muskingum Draw but it extends to areas not accessable; however, it can be briefly explored along Murphy near Maurice.

Along Murphy coming back into town this got me to stop and take the picture, the area as a whole is worth looking at closer but have to save some pictures for later and different conditions.

Around Pearl & Sam Houston I got this old building. Ideally clouds would have helped make the sky more interesting but framing it like this was a good alternative.

Maybe near Myers & Murphy I got this old building. It is a small area so may not matter but the cities built in "GPS" is helpful to make better notes of where things are.

Around Olive & Myers I got this old building. Composition gets tricker when a clear sky is presented.

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<09/28/2022] 09/30/2022 - Finally some clouds [10/01/2022>

The sky can account for much of the image and is a place the viewers eyes can be drawn, so clouds or no clouds can make a difference. I took advantage of some cloudy skies and went back to an area I explored on 09/26/2022 to find some of my targets in mind wasn't something I wanted to capture but found new targets to captured instead. New conditions and frame of mind are part of the photography process.

in the area of 19th & Hancock - An old shed as seen from the fence.

in the area of 21st & Jackson - As seen from the street this old structure caught my eye.

in the area of 21st & Jackson - As I was walking around until this composition and subject was taken, somehow it doesn't feel like the typical image I would capture. I like it well enough but it still made me wonder why I picked it as my subject.

An alley with pools of water is a good start but it was the work yard and its elements I saw first while walking down the alley. Pools of water act like mirrors and the right point of view finished the image.

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<09/30/2022] 10/01/2022 - Sometimes the pictures find you [10/03/2022>

Today was more random than deliberate but it is with a special thanks to Vendors Mercantile at 1611 E. 8th st for letting me take some photos in the building that most of todays images came about.

Allagheny & University - I'm a creature of habit and while going to the usual DQ I have an area I look at to see what I can photograph. Right on the corner of the fence these flowers caught my eye.

Vendors Mercantile - Image 1 of 4

Vendors Mercantile - Image 2 of 4

Vendors Mercantile - Lavender Cottage Boutique - Image 3 of 4

Vendors Mercantile - Image 4 of 4

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<10/01/2022] 10/03/2022 - 21st & Grandview [10/04/2022>

This is actually taken around Parkway & University, with clouds I kind of did a redo of a previous shot attempt.

Faith Fellowship Church - The clouds are dramatic and figure on top of the steeple was in the right place.

One of the aspects of this challenge is finding something to shoot, the window reflecting the street and cars ended up being the focus and not the top elements as I planned. As a photographer I may have an image in mind but truth is the image captured dictates what can be created as well.

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<10/03/2022] 10/04/2022 - Area of 18th & Center [10/05/2022>

18th & Center at Redeemer Luthern Church.

Further along 18th I found this shot at Second Baptist Church.

In the parking lot of Redeemer Luthern Church with clear skys and direct light casting the shadow of the pole I captured this abstract image. Photography is about what you see but also expands into what you see in your mind; therefore, a pole casting a shadow and the white fence was enough to see another scene in my mind. It is as much luck that the shadow leads you to the top right corner and that pattern fits in, in post processing I created the contrast I needed. Photographers visualize and see the world in an unique way.

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<10/04/2022] 10/05/2022 - Comanche Trail Park [10/06/2022>

What makes a place visited often so different? It is the time of day, effects of time and weather on the place, and much more so in capturing a moment in time a photographer has more opportunities lost than witnessed. I had a rare chance to explore the place before sunrise, although I traveled the trail mostly and it got me to where I needed to be. I recognized a point on the trail where the setting sun was captured before but in the light of a rising sun had far less dramatic impact. Just being present is a key part of photography.

At the far end of the trail a bridge allows County Rd West to go over the draw. The lights in the park area and from the other side allowed for an existing light photo.

The time it took to reach the section going under I-20 was exactly what was needed to capture the sun rising. It seems of all the types of images I take the sunset or sunrise still evoke a dislike of man made objects in them. Given what I had to work with I like the results but somehow these moments in a natural and isolated area mean more.

Time marches on so on the return to car parked at the trails end the playground was bathed in the low angle of the light.

Going home along Clements the church was lit up in the morning light, Bethlehem Baptist Church made for a good image.

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<10/05/2022] 10/06/2022 - UTPB duck pond and park [10/07/2022>

UTPB Park - The first image I took wasn't used because it started the process off but this abstract image was a keeper. The pattern of the cracks in the sidewalk matched the sky so when processed the match was stronger.

UTPB Park - One of ponds and an active fountain against the sky.

UTPB Park - Junior League Jurassic Jungle. Taken with the smart phone camera so I had a wider focal length I would have liked but at the very least I focused on the eyes to make the smaller subject more visible.

UTPB Park - duck pond. Looking over the fence between and over the ditch to a fragment of the trail visible.

At the duck pond.

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<10/06/2022] 10/07/2022 - A place to play [10/10/2022>

The entry today is more about adjusting yourself to the conditions present and capturing what you see, the idea of the daily challenge makes adapting a key aspect of the exercise itself. Overcast skys means a more diffused and even light without shadows or highlights, but I like my complicated HDR sets and dramatic contrast. What I learned from these images is the scene has all the elements I need I just have to approach it differently. A good reminder that a hand held camera allows more flexibility with the goal of a well exposed single image wasn't bad either.

Along Pearl the sky and sunbeams caught my attention, stopping somewhere was needed but unplanned. Looking around I saw this and took my single shot with the tripod unused but a few tweaks in post did bring the scene out.

Lines, shapes, and textures exist in a scene without a good light source to create shadows and highlight on top as additional elements. I saw the water in the parking lot and that is what I composed with; however, the green trees do act as a common element too.

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<10/07/2022] 10/10/2022 - 6th & MC Kinley [10/15/2022>

What attracted me to this area was an old building along N. Grandview Ave, once I walked over to it I found it wasn't going to work. Being in the area I did see the big sign and took that instead.

Royalty Park playground area.

Near the park this tree caught my eye and it turned out well, it looked good enough but not this nice. See the written entry 33 - Technique - 10/12/2022 for some processing insights.

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<10/10/2022] 10/15/2022 - Madison Medical Resort [10/16/2022>

Was this more of an exercise in finding a composition than a beautiful scene, more yes than no in this case; however, it is the backbone to the ones that do please the eye more. Practice is why it exist and finding something anywhere you are is a goal it helped to work on.

Lowes Home Improvement seen from the back side. I saw it lit up like this the evening before I took it, it is a black and white image with an exprimental process applied.

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