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The index page of a website is the face most visitors initially see but somehow this "whats new" page seems like the heart beat as the list of new entries keep being added. Not a complete chronical but enough mystery to jump around and get lost in what simply is a process with a life of its own.

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03-26-2024 New written work added (38) Blend and Tonally Match.

02-25-2024 Finally organized the backlog and have the new main page link ready. The fun now begins.

02-04-2024 A system to track my backlog and slowly catch up eventually, so some new material has been posted!

01-28-2024 Updated sessions up to 01/13/2024.

01-21-2024 Not done with the backlog but fully up to date to 01/05/2024 and 2024 is started properly.

01-14-2024 Marathon session of processing the photography backlog, step one of three at least, and more to go. The website is part of the process but definitely some work involved.Eventually they will be put online to be seen.

01-06-2024 One session to go in the back log (12/31/23) and 2024 officially starts on this website, but the back log for 2024 is still there so always a work in progress. Check out the picture of the day as it is updated up to 12/30/2023.

12-17-2023 Got a good session of photography at 6am, 12/10/2023 and 12/12/2023 have been started being posted and have two more sessions to completely post. Life is good.

12-03-2023 The work in coding the website I do is worth it to share the images I take, I'm updated up to 12/03/2023 completely. 12/04/2023 and 12/05/2023 will be completed soon and new sessions are in que so as time allows they will be posted. The joy is in pursuing photography and catching up later.

11-24-2023 New notebook entry 5 Japanese Philosophies to Improve Your Photography added.

11-14-2023 New notebook entry Why no one cares about your Photography added.

10-23-2023 I have been doing a random image link since 09/03/2023 and today I added a random written work as a link on the main page as well.

09-30-2023 Food photography project started off a homemade pizza as a subject.

09-24-2023 Adding the random link on the front page has turn up two HTML coding errors so far. Todays image was lost until I needed to link to it!

09-09-2023 New written work added (37) "Doors".

09-03-2023 Reworking website to reflect a change in pace of photography and a way to better present a quick overload of images collected. The goal is still to keep the site active daily.

08-06-2023 Updated front image. Two days of photo sessions and slightly more complex parsing to get all the images taken posted so stay tuned.

07-30-2023 Updated front image.

07-23-2023 Updated front image. Only covering Odessa, TX and Midland, Tx in the Photographer's view of "blogs" would be too easy so I will expand to the cities I may cross and hopefully revisit as I travel. Growth on them may be very slow but entries will begin to be added in time.

07-16-2023 Updated front image.

06-25-2023 Updated front image.

06-16-2023 Updated front image.

06-11-2023 New written work added (36) Armchair photography.

06-04-2023 Updated front image.

06-02-2023 Daily Photo Challenge record run of 67 days straight. Got caught up at least and have a new number of days to beat. I missed todays photo but life happens.

05-31-2023 Missed a few new front images noted here. Added a new project called All things being "equal" with a test run posted but the details and reasoning for it a work in progress.

04-30-2023 New notebook entry Polaroid factory tour added along the new image.

04-24-2023 Have two days of pictures to post but completed splitting out the 2021 galleries into the subpage format.

04-17-2023 Updated front image.

04-13-2023 Updated front image.

04-11-2023 The backlog in "A photographer's view of Odessa, TX" is partially filled in for 08/20/2022 - 08/23/2022, still have 08/24/2022 - 08/29/2022 to do.

04-02-2023 Updated front image.

03-31-2023 More entries in the indexing effort and a new session to add in more detail at a later date.

03-29-2023 Updated front image. The task of indexing the images and digging through my system is one step further along and with more to do.

03-27-2023 New notebook entry Strange Comparisons mixed into the new photos I post almost daily.

03-19-2023 Adding Midland, TX to my projects as a place to document more closely.

03-14-2023 Updated front image. Catching up on posting images since 03/10/2023, so I only have 03/13/2023 and 03/14/2023 to process now.

03-10-2023 Reworking the site behind the scenes. First new addition is a breakdown by places photographed under the main Galleries link.

03-05-2023 Updated front image.

02-26-2023 Updated front image.

02-21-2023 Updated front image.

02-19-2023 Completed converting January through June of 2022 into the current model of subpages for faster loading. Now 2021 needs a similar conversion. 8/20/2023 of a Photographers view of Odessa, TX is completed but will added as more of that backlog is completed.

02-17-2023 Added a new written work (35) Are photographers AI artist too?.

02-16-2023 No daily photos but worked on website and it is current. Might seem not important but I rather like the daily ritual.

02-12-2023 Updated front image.

02-09-2023 One day left, 02/08/2023, to process and I will be caught up. Skipped todays daily photo to catch up but needed break.

02-01-2023 Updated front image. Let five days of sessions get by me but I'm in the process of getting the website updated. The goal is to add the pictures for each day and add the remaining images and links as the time allows.

01-23-2023 Updated front image.

01-11-2023 New note book entry added.

01-10-2023 Updated front image.

12-31-2022 Website is current but that back log is still pending but will get finished soon enough. Time to get use to using 2023 now.

12-28-2022 Have a new project to focus the daily photo challenge on, On a smaller scale to get back into macro photography.

12-27-2022 New notebook entry 12/27/2022 - What is beyond a photograph added.

12-23-2022 Updated front image. Got a few days behind on posting the daily photo challenges but picture of day and few new project entries are a start.

12-14-2022 Updated front image. I still need to add a few more current entries but all the daily photos are updated.

12-12-2022 Added a new written work (34) From a simple rule.

12-01-2022 Picture of the day is up to date but the rest of the images are the way. Also some coding tweaks to improve appearance have started. Beginning with "A photographer's view of Odessa, TX". I'm play catch up to my drive to keep taking photographs.

11-20-2022 Updated front image. A new notebook entry 11/20/2022 - DX codes on film added.

11-13-2022 Picture of the day as a feature has turned into another entry point into the website, so I added more links to cross connect everything. What I lack in a slick interface I make up for in navigation. So for all those images taken out of a set you can hopefully find the rest of the set.

11-06-2022 While the city sleeps has been added to present the photos taken early in the morning and most of the city is in slumber until it awakes. This is where I will be putting my night photography.

10-31-2022 An alternate index is simple to create but it adds the ability to follow the thought process better hopefully, so one more modification to A photographer's view of Odessa, TX to note here.

10-30-2022 Worked on the backlog for A photographer's view of Odessa, TX progressed with 08/18/2022 - 08/19/2022 added in.

10-28-2022 Updated front image.

10-27-2022 Worked on the backlog for A photographer's view of Odessa, TX progressed with 08/14/2022 - 08/17/2022 added in.

10-23-2022 Updated front image. Worked on the backlog for A photographer's view of Odessa, TX progressed with 08/09/2022 - 08/13/2022 added in along with the current entries to date.

10-18-2022 Made some progress on A photographer's view of Odessa, TX with initial dates reordered and linking back and forth freely.

10-13-2022 New written work (33) technique - 10/12/2022 added.

10-05-2022 The images in the galleries are all going to be converted into smaller sub pages eventually but the front page images and gallery for Jul - Dec of 2022 is converted.

10-03-2022 Updated front image.

09-29-2022 New note book entry added.

09-20-2022 Updated front image.

09-18-2022 Picture of the day gallery is reorganized fully and I got a small bit of the odessa, TX project reorganized. Both are current so some progress has been made.

09-17-2022 The photo of the day and the Odessa. TX project haven't been updated online in a few days but I have the images to post soon. Also, part of the delay is reorganizing some files for faster load times and hopefully better navigation. The notebook was the test for this idea.

09-12-2022 A photographer's view of Odessa, TX has new entries for 8/1/2022 to 8/5/2022 as I begin to fill in more of the back log.

09-10-2022 Updated front image.

09-04-2022 Updated front image. A Photographer's view of Odessa, TX has July fully updated, so now to fill in the blanks. Monahans Sandhills State Park - 09-04-2022 added to the main gallery.

08-31-2022 Updated index page and added a projects category, starting with "A Photographer's view of Odessa, TX". With the increase of images from taking pictures daily I will be working on the galleries soon as well.

08-28-2022 Added a new written work (32) A daily photo challenge ....

08-26-2022 Updated front image.

08-14-2022 Updated front image. Reworked the indexing of entries in the front page and picture of the day galleries.

08-12-2022 Updated front image.

08-07-2022 Day 14 of the daily photo challenge completed, amazing enough, so that is on track. Revised site Projects link worked into rest of website. 08/07/2022 - Persona not me archived as an notebook entry.

08-03-2022 Added new notebook entry In the moment.

07-31-2022 Updated front image.

07-25-2022 Beginning a new challenge to post one new image a day found on the main page as the link "Picture of the Day".

07-18-2022 Updated front image. New notebook entry 07/06/2022 - Random stuff added. Started a new gallery for the next half of 2022 go here. to the July entries added.

07-06-2022 Updated front image. New notebook entry 07/06/2022 - Random stuff added. Gallery for 2022 January thru June completed go here.

06/20/2022 Updated front image.

06/15/2022 New notebook entry 06/15/2022 - Videodrone in 2022 added.

06/12/2022 Updated front page. Added a new written work (31) A tale of two cameras. Updated photography gallery for 05/29/2022, 06/04/2022, 06/06/2022, 06/07/2022, and 06/12/2022.

05/31/2022 New notebook entry 05/31/2022 - Photography related material added.

05/29/2022 Added a new written work (30) Lessons under a sun so high up.

05/23/2022 Updated front image. New notebook entry 05/20/2022 - Where I am at now added. Gallery for 2022 has new entries for 05-21-2022.

05/20/2022 Note book entry 05/20/2022 The photography book added.

05/16/2022 Updated front image. 05/14/2022 session online here 8 images in total.

05/08/2022 Added a new written work (29) ... Then a photographer. Last entries for the month of April added.

04/29/2022 Added a new written work (28) A shot in the dark.

04/24/2022 Updated front image. New gallery entries added in 2022.

04/09/2022 Mostly completed backlog of photographs for 2022 - Goto latest entries.

04/08/2022 New entry 04/08/2022 - The BBC Test Card F added to the notebook.

04/07/2022 Updated front image. Added in a new written entry Oida or Graph.

03/29/2022 New entry 03/29/2022 - Random notes added to the notebook.

03/28/2022 Updated front image. Added in a new written entry How does your garden grow.

03/06/2022 Updated front image.

03/04/2022 Added in a new written entry Composition first.

02/26/2022 Updated front image. New entries 02/26/2022 (Entry 1) - More thoughts on photography and 02/26/2022 (Entry 2) - Can you go back to your beginnings? added to the notebook.

02/17/2022 New entry 02/17/2022 - Too much inspiration added to the notebook.

02/14/2022 Updated front image. A matter of time added to written sction to explain a photographic system.

01/28/2022 New entry in the notebooks 01/28/2022 - Why do I share images online?. Added an index to navigate the notebook easier.

01/27/2022 Updated front image.

01/22/2022 New written document A photographer and the gear they use added.

01/19/2022 Updated front image. Images for 2022 updated. Added in a new written entry Thoughts 01/14/2022.

01/09/2022 Updated front image. New entry in the notebooks for 01/09/2022 relates to the new image as well.

01/02/2022 Added first new addition for 2022. New work Technique 01/01/2022 added.

12/27/2021 New entry How JPEG compression works added to the notebook.

12/26/2021 2022 is almost here and the images for 2021 are almost completely updated. Latest images - scroll down. With some inspired redesign the site continues to grow.

12/21/2021 New entry in the notebooks. Learn more about film. Also added a new written work How was that created.

12/17/2021 Added in a written work. Composing around the hot spots.

12/12/2021 - New images in the 2021 galleries.

12/09/2021 - Gallery split for faster loading in 2021. Completed Jan - Jun.

12/06/2021 - New entry in notebooks. Medieval thought bubbles.

12/05/2021 - Updated front image. New images added to Photographs taken in 2021. Photography tutorial rewritten (08/12/2022 - no longer online).

11/28/2021 - New images added to Photographs taken in 2021.

11/27/2021 - Updated front image. Navigation in written works improved. New material added (18) - Technique 11/26/2021.

11/21/2021 - Updated front image. The initial start of the photography tutorial is place awaiting the material to be created (08/12/2022 - no longer online).

11/15/2021 - Updated front image, added current images, and filled in pictures from October.

11/10/2021 - Reworked navigation between pages and worked on uniformity overall.

11/08/2021 - This site is a work in progress so everything is in flux but check back here once more is finalized.