More About Myself

My name is Malcolm McElvaney and I'm a photographer but that doesn't quite define me in total but somehow acts as a filter I see the world through and is a reason to go hike. While photography is the art form that chose me I still study the other ones like painting, drawing, etc to learn more about those processes but inspiration can be found therein too. I'm random and where those whims go will be unknown but on rare occasions I can focus and stay with something. What comes to mind is the 3D photography I kept with for about seven years and then a study of black and white photography that turned into variations of bracketing. I appreciate photography as a vehicle to just be myself and see what I can do with it, be it the correct way or something outside the box.

Now I can add being a content creator to that list as this web site was a solution to a problem that presented itself because I found I enjoyed trying to write about those random bits and pieces and hopefully make some sense to the reader. The avenue that I had to share that endeavor was finite and I needed a place to continue and expand that exercise in writing so this web site became that platform to do so. The future of what I present will be part of that photography journey but now I have an excuse to dig through the photo sessions in the archives and see what I can rediscover and share from that source. Sometimes while going forward we lose sight of what was accomplished before so this will be a chance to explore what was as well what will be.

Having perhaps gone on to long it wasn't quite my intention to become a photographer but it happened as I obsessed just as equally initially on a place called the Monahans Sandhills State Park. It might seem strange to say that the state park became my teacher but it did as I spent my free time over the next year and a half to learn to observe my surroundings, appreciate nature, enjoy silence and connect with an environment but most importantly gave me a reason to consistently take a camera and actually use it. As my awareness of what was around me increased I needed a way to document and share that experience only a prolonged and intense immersion can provide. What I had done without putting a conscious thought to it was practice by taking picture after picture and so start to shift why I used the camera in the first place. I became a photographer with a knowledge of a place and gained a better way to document but also grow into the artistic aspects as well. From a generalist to macro photography of insects, IR photography, underwater photography, and even a session or two with thermography and back to the world at large it was and still is the best place to just go relax and try new ideas.

One final thought to wrap all this up and it is photography is something I do by myself as I seek some solitude; yet, it was this massive collection of images I had taken that pushed me into a very critical step of making contact with other people and my fellow photographers.

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